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MOME collective

memory as a medium for artistic investigation

We are Arlene Tucker, Camila Rosa, Georgie Goater and Gesa Piper. Each of us has been exploring memories as resources for artistic creation throughout our careers in distinct artistic spectrums (dance, performance pedagogy, academic research, and visual arts). We mesh our artistic and academic interests while exploring memory as a departing point to create art and research. 

Our work together begins at Saari Residence (June/July 2023), when we started to create an 'embroidered' archive of individual and collectives practices ways + supporting literature  to deepen our work.

Memory as Medium stemmed from my arts-based doctoral research project. Georgie and Arlene are participants amongst the 10 other artists who took part in the study. The project deals with memory stories, nonlinear views of time and its politics/sociality, and is oriented towards understanding how a nonlinear idea of time can affect our ways of looking into personal memories, influence creative work, as well being used as a frame for understanding today’s racialized capitalist economy. Memory as Medium is a new initiative. Each group member brings along different notions of collaborative work, echoing the different educational and professional environments we’ve been through.


Memory is not just something that is stored and subsequently recollected. We explore memory as a process moving across the environment, instead of seeing it as a ‘thing’, placed within an individual person or object. Our frames of reference for memory deviate from ‘self-serving’, ‘self-reflection’ or ‘auto-analysis’ purposes, being rather interested in memory in relation to multiplicity from within struggling environments/groups. We are motivated to explore the entanglements between our different histories, racial categories, privileges, familiar environments to navigate into memory as a field of unknown possibilities. We join our diverse disciplinary expertise seeking for different understandings about how to explore remembrance, not as totems for singularized identities, but rather as processes that enhance connection and interdependence with communities and all living forms.  

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