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My interdisciplinary research explores the intersections between art practice and philosophy, focusing on devising performativity through collective practices
of memory storying.

I focus on processual intensities and irregular movements of time and how they oppose the modern
colonialist logic that constructs and activates raciality and violence. The research doing me lies at the intersections of performance studies,
education, and decolonial studies.

​I am interested in how decolonial thinking as an improvisational gesture of refusal, touching upon intergenerational knowledge construction and de-construction; autobiographical memories as emergent and imbued in experiential knowledge.

​My PhD research is positioned under the umbrella of post-qualitative inquiry, posing the question ’what is that we are doing as we face the future?’.

Performative practices ground explorations into process philosophy. Theory-and-practice are weaved together through a participatory research design to challenge linear chronologies in autobiographical accounts.

Black Feminist Poethics is set as an anchor in the study, destabilizing the Modern-Self and foregrounding the enmeshments between coloniality, memory and futurity alongside more-than-humans. This is a speculative project inquiring on the transformative potential of micro-politics within performative-pedagogical creative settings.



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