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film literacy

-iteracy here can be defined as the ability to "read" media and to assess images to understand the relationships between power and domination that underlie and inform those images. The goal of this literacy is to enable the understanding of the socially constructed meanings embedded in films as well as the political and economic contexts in which productions are set on. Closely related to critical literacy, it can lead to an emancipated worldview and even transformative social action (Freire, 1970; Hull, 1993; McLaren, 1989; UNESCO, 1975).

My work focuses on expanding social and political impact of films: by facilitating discussion and debates with multiple communities

or creating actions that lead to reflections about films' aesthetic and narrative approaches, its themes and world views.

I organize and develop projects exploring how meanings are made and interpreted through film,

in partnership with networks that explore the critical angles of moving images.

projects and partnerships 

Cuarto Cine: pedagogical curator, co-organizing actions to increase knowledge about Latin-American peripheral films and cultures. 

Other Cinema (2018-2020): Mediation of debates related with screened films. Collaboration with the Department of Film of Aalto University






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